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The Cellini collection takes its name from the Italian Benvenuto Cellini,one of the artists of the Renaissance who gave a contemporary interpretation to the timeless elegance of traditional timepieces.This collection combines Rolex's advanced know-how and high quality standards with a timeless approach to watchmaking heritage.With their sober and elegant lines,noble materials and replica watches uk luxurious sparkle,every detail of the Cellini models obeys the rules of watchmaking art.

The elegant watch of Time

The Cellini collection represents the most fascinating and magnificent aspects of watchmaking tradition.

Elegance and noblesse are essential here.The cases are made exclusively from 18k white or Everose gold and are custom-made in Rolex's own foundry.The redesigned lugs,polished finish and double bezel–one domed and one carefully fluted–ensure exclusivity,while the rounded shape and classic 39mm diameter are a hallmark of tradition.The spheres are also witnesses of experience and tradition.plated,they are adorned with gold-colored indexes.

Reflecting the purest form of traditional style,these Solo watches are presented with a black or brown leather strap and 18k gold clasp.

A reminder of the solar system

A turning point in the evolution of luxury watches,the Rolex Moonphase firmly placed the Cellini collection at the forefront of the world's most prestigious chronometers.One of the exceptional quality materials that fake rolex brings together to create the Moon Phase model has the power to immerse the imagination of the wearer in a long timeline and millions of kilometers in space:the iron meteorite disk representing the full moon.Each exclusive moon phase holder carries a meteorite fragment from a different corner of the solar system for the rest of their lives.

This celestial keepsake best illustrates the fascinating and mysterious phases of the moon.The Cellini Moonphase displays the date around the dial via a central hand decorated with a crescent moon.This model is powered by a self-winding mechanical movement entirely manufactured by replica rolex.The patented moon phase module has an astronomical accuracy of 122 years.

In many places at the same time

The Cellini Time is the essence of a timeless classic,displaying the hours,minutes and seconds in their purest form.Cellini Date features a date display full of elegance,tradition and poetry,showing the current,past and future day on a single dial..Cellini Dual Time,which simultaneously displays the time in the current location and the time in another location,allows the user to be in more than one place at the same time.